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Bethel Park High School Class of 1960 Reunion Candids
September 22, 2001

Nancy Phillips Holsen, Joan Milewski
Kelley and Grace Ganter Anderson

Patty Smith Stern and Judy Evans Calissi

Joan Milewski Kelley and Judy Witt Mur

Sandy Sutter Ross, Nancy Phillips
Holsen and Donna Sutter Wilson

Milt Pettapiece and Susan Finch

Grace Ganter Anderson, Judy Lydon,
Anne Johnson and Linda Robinson Stilley

Tom and Beverly Conner

Karla and John Groninger,
Linda Robinson Stilley

Bruce Herpich, Judy Lydon, Dave
Norcutt, Joan Milewski Kelley and
Jim Sprandle

Barbara Surmick Daniels and Jim Johnson

Placards for Eileen Pryel who couldn't make
 the reunion.